Friday, March 23, 2012

A Blast of Winter

Yesterday we woke to snow! I'm hoping that was Winter's last gift and that we can get onto moving forward into Spring. I'm ready for the air to warm up and, while I'm NOT ready for hot weather, I am ready to stop needing a heavy coat.

But oh the snow was fun! The school distinct issued a 2hour delay but I decided to give the kids a whole snow day - and I'm glad I did. We had such a great time! Once the roads started getting manageable, we loaded up all the snow gear and headed out to Stephanie's. She is at a higher elevation so there was definitely more snow accumulation out there. The kids immediately got into their snow pants, coats, mittens and hats and hit the yard full force.

Kaylen spent hours and hours outside. We had her coming in to warm up several times but once the dryer had dried her gear, she was itching to get back out. She made a snow house...well...snow rooms, I guess you could say. She made a bed of snow with a lamp and a dresser (complete with a phone and a book on top). She then made a table, chairs, plates and cups, a bathroom and a living room with a couch, table and chair. She almost had a melt-away Winter version of park homes. She was in seventh heaven!

Later in the afternoon, we all pulled on swimming suits and spent some time in the hot tub - which was surreal what with the yard full of snow.

If it was indeed Winter's last hurrah then I think it's safe to say we enjoyed it to the fullest! By the time we arrived back at our house, the snow was all but gone and the kids got to grab their bikes and ride around. Winter to Spring - just like that! :)

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