Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Books Galore

I have so many books waiting to be read. Reading is something I used to love to do. I would spend hours upon hours curled up with good books. It's harder now to find the time and energy to read but that, apparently, doesn't stop me from acquiring new books.

I wear glasses. Tri-focals, thankyouverymuch. And usually I have no issue with them but when I'm reading, I would LOVE to have a pair of regular ol' reading glasses to pop on my face. Having the single vision field would be really helpful because having three sections to see through can make tracking words on the page a bit tricky.

But then, I'm sure that would lead to me wanting to try a pair for distance so I could buy a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving.

And well....that would leave me needing three pair of glasses and that is just plain crazy. Like I don't have enough to keep track of. :)

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Anonymous said...

Go to a grocery store or drug store and buy some "cheaters" for about $20 and keep them beside the book. I use them all the time especially at night when my eyes are tired.
Love to All