Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post Surgery - Week 3

Tomorrow marks three weeks since surgery. In some ways, it seems a very long time ago and in others, not long at all.

Overall, I'm feeling ok. I still have incision pain but the most painful is the nerve band that, once again, was breached. It was damaged in my spinal fusion surgery and, if memory serves, it was the LONGEST time before that area was virtually pain free. Right now? So not pain free.

When I am upright, during the day, my insides feel ok. At night or first thing int he morning though, everything inside me feels heavy and in the wrong place. The good news though is that my massively painful reflux is gone. It's so weird not to be popping pills int he morning and evening every day. In fact, I am completely medication free which, if you think about it, is pretty great for a 47 year old. :)

A side effect that I am enjoying a lot has been the weight loss. It just fell off because well...a liquid, limited solid food, and small meal diet will do that to a girl. I'm ok with that though because I don't have to worry about researching diet pills or phytodren side effects.

I just have to eat smart from here on out and I will be fine...and happily in my smaller sized jeans.

A few years ago when I moved down two sizes in jeans, I felt cruddy when saying "Thanks" to people who mentioned how great I looked. It wasn't intentional...it was heartbreak. But this time? This time I say thanks with a big smile on my face. It's a happy side effect of a miserable surgical experience. :)

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