Monday, March 19, 2012

A blast from the past

You know all those friends on Facebook that find you after years and years and years? Don't you just love it ( know, not) when they dig up old pictures of you and then they post them for all to see? Oh yes...this is happening to me these days and while part of me thinks it is totally fun, the other part cringes slightly at my apparent awkwardness. It's not like I'm a totally geek who looks like I should be working at an accounting firm or's just that I look like a geek-child.

Yep - that's me in the blue and white poofy party dress. :) Those gold or yellow shoes? Don't ask. I have no clue. I probably loved them and wore them all the time. What do I know...I look about 4 in this picture.

But it's not like I dressed myself at that age. Oh wait. I was probably just like Kaylen and I did dress myself. The truth is, and I do have to tell the truth because that is who I am, I LOVED this dress. As in LOVED LOVED LOVED. As in totally twirly happy dance. I remember it well. And because I have an older sister (and because my parents loved to dress us alike as often as possible in the early years) I got to wear this lovely number for twice as long. It is one of the few dresses I was actually happy to have hanging in my closet in a bigger size (Lannon - I also really loved the brown one that was brown check on the top, solid brown on the bottom with faux suspenders. And I kinda liked the wrap around weenie dog skirt, too. *shrug* I don't know why.).

I have to say, the photos of me that show up from other people's photo collections kind of stun me. It is surreal to me that pictures, frozen in time...belong to other people.


Tanya said...

Just tell people it's a picture of Kaylen. So looks like her :)

Elizabeth said...

You look darling and I can see why you'd love that dress, it looks like he perfect little girl dress :-)