Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Techno Wanting

It's no secret that Stephanie and I don't, at this point in time, live together. It is not without its challenges, that's for sure. The biggest one is that it can be days between us being together. With kid schedules, etc. it just doesn't always work out like we would want it to. So, I am trying to find a way for us to get "face time". She has an iPhone which makes it possible from her end. I have a HTC Droid...which makes it incredibly challenging. My laptop is old enough that it doesn't have a built in camera. Neither of us have iPads. Though it would only take one of us (me) to upgrade somehow because then the iPad or iPhone and her iPhone could do face time.

It's frustrating! Last night I went to the Droid market to see about an audio conferencing service or something of the like. I looked up a few but most have sketchy reviews for the Droid. *sigh*

All I know is sometimes, voice to voice just isn't enough of a connection. And yes, I realize that makes me spoiled because years and years ago, voice to voice was all there was. All I really know is I miss Stephanie when we are apart.


Anonymous said...

I think both skype and tango have apps for both the iphone and androids

Froggymama said...

Once again, we live parallel lives! I'm having the same dilemma. It's tough and I would so LOVE the advantages of having a partner who is not only there to snuggle with, but who takes the garbage out. :)