Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tokens and Coins - OH MY!

So I found this really cool website. Apparently you can create something they call challenge coins for your organization. At the kids school, they use tokens and "paw prints" for increasing positive behavior but it is much along the same lines. The class collects the tokens and when they have enough, they get a class token party. From there, their tokens are moved to a school-wide jar and once that jar is full, the school gets a token party. Usually that is popsicles for a recess treat though sometimes it is a school-wide pajama day.

Anyway - this website makes the coins and it appears you can make them for anything - or any organization. Do you think Homeland Security collects tokens and when they have enough, have a pajama day? Personally, I think that would be really cool if they did. :)

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