Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The PE Showcase

Last night, Kaylen participated in the Elementary School Physical Education Showcase for our district. She was sooooo very excited. She has been doing a special, once a week, after school PE class and then had a rehearsal for the big night. She was ready.

Now here is a little tid bit that I'm sure she will hate that I share with you. The girl can sweat! She is incredibly active - constantly on the move. She will make hurdles out of her tinker toys and run an obstacle course for a good hour around the living room. Every. Single. Day. She has, from the time of conception, been a mover and a shaker. Once, while inside me, she was awake and moving for 17 hours solid. No kidding! I'd say the only time she stops moving is when she is sleeping but that's a big fat lie. She constantly moves in her sleep, too. I guess that's why she can put away the carbs like she does and still be pencil thin. Lucky girl. Anyway......along with her constant movement comes constant sweat. And not the "glow" kind either. Oh no. This girl gets rank! Exercise, for her, is like effective testosterone boosters because she smells like a sweaty man after working out hard.

Last night, I put Secret deodorant on my 7 year old daughter in the hopes it would help. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it did. At least, Kaylen said it did. Not that I think she can ever smell her sweaty little self. :)

I didn't go to the showcase. It was Tuesday night, Dakota's night, and while there are plenty of times I give up my kid-free time in favor of attending their activities, school events or changes in schedule, I decided that it would be ok to miss out on the showcase. Kaylen understood and she did, after all, have her other mother and brother with her. If it had happened on a non-Dakota night, she would have had only me and her brother so I knew she would be fine.

I'm not saying she worked hard or anything but by the time I got home, 30 minutes after they had returned, Kaylen was showered, in her jammies, and on the verge of tears. A sure sign she is exhausted. After saying goodnight to Dakota, Kaylen jumped into her bed and before Stephanie and I could shut off the lights, close up the house, and head back to her room, the poor thing was sound asleep.

Oh but she was so proud of herself. And I am very proud of my never-stopping, constant motion monkey girl. Kaylen - you rock!!

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