Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Growing Like A Weed

The other day, I looked at Kaylen and realized that her pants are suddenly hitting the "too short" zone. When did that happen? I swear to you, two weeks ago, those pants fit just fine. And I won't even tell you how she is wearing through the knees. The child is hard on her clothes - she is definitely my Tomboy Princess.

It seems like I just got the kids settled into a new wardrobe and yet - it's looking like it's time to hit some consignment stores again. I used to be such a pro at shopping the sale racks from previous seasons to buy the next bigger size for the following year. When they were little, it was so easy to stockpile clothes and have them ready to go when the need arose.

It's not so easy now. Maybe I should be looking at old navy jobs where I could get a rocking discount to use on close out items. It's definitely worth a thought - especially on the days when I head to the cash registers to ring up their needed clothing items. Shoot - just a couple weeks ago I picked up boxers, socks and 3 on-a-really-good-sale shirts for Kelton and two pair of stretch pants of Kaylen and I had to hand over $60.00.

If they could just slow down on the growing, that would be good. :)

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Tanya said...

Love the Tomboy Princess comment. Too sweet. J's knees always wear out too. I think I'll start buying his pants at Sears, supposedly they give new ones if they wear out. Worst part is he will no longer wear them with holes, where he use to not care.