Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Geek Me Up

Have you heard of the vlc player download? It looks pretty cool.

I stole this blurb from their website:
VLC 2.0.0 Twoflower is the most amazing VLC media player yet…
Simple, Powerful and Fast
Plays everything from Blu-ray to MP3
All codecs included (full list)
Mobile video support for Android, iOS, Windows and OS/2

Oh honey - they had me at mobile video support for Android. I simply must look into this because I have this silly dream of watching a movie on my phone. Ok - it's not really a dream but I still think it would be pretty fun to do.

I will readily tell you that I am not part of a geek squad in any manner. I am about as geek clueless as you can get though I still manage to muddle through. It cracks me up because after talking about techie stuff, Stephanie will often say "Well....geek me up on that, will you?" and I fight hard to stifle a laugh. Why yes, I can research what you need, help you buy what you need, install it and help you learn about it but I am far, far, far from a geek. (And here I am using geek in a very favorable manner. I wish I new my way around tech stuff better than I do)

I should tell her about this just for the "Geek me up on that, will you?" line that is sure to follow. Never fails to make me laugh. :)

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