Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Surgery Side Benefit

Ok - all kidding aside from the previous post, I am still recovery from surgery.

I look like me. And sometimes, I feel like me. I have a couple areas that hurt like heck and that feel like I am pulling every time I sit up. It's not all that enjoyable.

What IS enjoyable though is I have lost some weight. I don't know how much exactly because my tummy is still swollen however my jeans? Those are starting to be uncomfortably big. But...I'm ok with that. :)

Not that I would recommend having surgery to repair a hiatal hernia as a viable weight loss option (because honestly? The liquid diet restriction sucks!). Perhaps some of you would rather take the apidextra route. I hear the pain from that is much, much less. And, I dare say, a lot less expensive.

But still - since I did have to have the surgery, the weight loss benefit is a nice thing.

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