Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm feeling down and out this morning for no reason I can pinpoint accurately. Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe the cold I am catching is taking a toll. I don't know.

The kids headed back to school today. Kaylen is crabby and cranky so I'm not convinced she is 100% but she has a play date and skate night tonight that she absolutely does not want to miss. She doesn't have a fever and her throat isn't terrible looking so I let her go to school. She had a complete and utter meltdown over what I packed for lunch today (which is always a great way to start a day for me) but I stood firm and told her she could eat it or not. Kelton, being the big brother, ran into the kitchen and slipped a yogurt tube into her lunch. I love that he was trying to help but dang it. How will I get them to eat what I give them when they both try to save each other from big bad mommy? *sigh* I guess I should just be happy they love each other so much.

On a sad note, Kaylen's friend, Sam, is moving away this weekend. It is sudden and for a good reason for their family (better job for his dad) but both she and I are very sad to be losing our new friends. She cried a while yesterday when I told her but hopefully we will be able to stop in and see them on our next trip North.

The snow that we had been promised for a week never materialized yesterday and I have to say, I'm incredibly disappointed. Weather people? The next time there is a chance, keep it to yourself. Let us be surprised. Please?!

I guess I should go work on something productive even though I would rather just surf the web and read whatever the links lead me, news, things to do, diet pill warnings, facebook....whatever. But alas, even though I don't really want to, I need to be responsible.

Here's hoping for a good day.

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Declan's Mom said...

I had the same argument with Declan yesterday about his lunch. I them promptly removed the one item he did like (pretzels). A meltdown occurred and then I showed him pictures of starving children on the computer. He got the point...