Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lost In Time

Right now my kids are in the tub together. Do you any idea how long it's been since they have taken a bath together? A year? Maybe two? Kelton mostly takes showers now and Kaylen will take a shower every morning with me and a bath any time she can.

So what has them in there together right now? Bath foam, paint, crayons and a Winnie the Pooh color set.

I found a long-lost bag in the garage last week while I was cleaning and reorganizing which was clearly meant to be Christmas gifts from about 3 years ago. In years gone by, we always got the kids bath stuff for their stockings and Dakota must have picked up things on an outing and the bag slipped down behind some bins. I'm saying Dakota because I don't remember buying the items (and I really think I would have remembered the PlayDoh robot kit and the Winnie the Pooh coloring set). Come to think of it though, there was only one set of things which meant it was either from Kaylen's first Christmas (when she wouldn't have gotten those things) or prior to Kaylen. I can't imagine we wouldn't have gotten two of each of the crayons, paint and foam if Kaylen had been old enough to use them. Wow. That's a mind bender. Interesting.

Anyway - the kids were so excited, since it's been over a year since they had things like these for the tub, and have been eager to play with everything. Except they would only remember when it was bedtime and there was no way I was going to let them stay up another hour past bedtime to play in the tub. Kelton remembered about 30 minutes ago so quick as a flash, we had everything opened and they were up to their armpits in fun.

It's kind of nice for this mommy to hear them playing together in the tub like they used brings memories of their babyhoods flooding back.


Tanya said...

Very sweet. If you've never used those Crayola Bath Markers, have fun. :)

Tanya said...

Oh scratch that, on closer inspection those are the crayons not the markers. :)