Saturday, January 08, 2011


Today I am hoping to get some of the junk out of the garage and sent to the dump. There is just too much stuff out there but leaving things on the curb for trash day is very expensive. I wish it wasn't. Imagine how junk free many of us could be. I have two huge car seats that need to go, two large cat scratching posts that have been so well used they are trashed, three couches (yes three. Two from when I got the new ones and one that we moved down here from Mountlake Terrace that has always been in the garage. Time to get rid of it.) and various other things that need to be gone.

Once the big things are out of there, I can bag up outgrown toys, etc and take them to Goodwill. The Christmas bins need to go back into the attic.

It's going to be a long day but I hope it won't suck up all the hours. No, I don't have any cigar auctions to attend but
I would love to take a trip to the bookstore with a gift card I received. Mostly though, I want some down time. Find a movie on NetFlix stream and just kick back.

And on that note, guess I better jump in the shower and get this day going. Have a good Saturday, everyone!


Mimi said...

so you just can't put all of that stuff to the curb?? all we have to do is call and tell them we have a big pick up and they give us a date that a truck will be there.....and its free....well it's not free its in my taxes!

Declan's Mom said...

Honestly Casey there are people who do need those sofas..REALLY put them on CL. I know a guy whose sofa had huge chunks missing from the cushions from his dogs...really people have nothing so anything would work...

RMcIntyre said...

Arent there organizations that help the needy..e.g. Salvation Army, Goodwill, St Vincent de Paul?

Must be someone who can use them!!

Ruth in Canada