Wednesday, January 05, 2011

School Buddy

Back in September, to help Kaylen cope at school, we set up a safe-plan for when she needed help. One of those things was her teddy bear, Fuzzy, who we called her "school buddy". All she had to do was grab her buddy from his place and it was a message to her teacher that she needed help.

It worked well.

Slowly, she stopped needing Fuzzy and today, she looked at her shelf behind her teacher's desk and said "I don't think I need Fuzzy here anymore. Will you take him home for me?"

My heart skipped beats. My breathing increased but I tried to hold steady and not yell out "YES YES YES!!!" I calmly said, "Sure. I'll take him home this morning." She handed him over and went on her way.

I could have cried tears of joy. She has come so far in three months. I'm still there for lunch recess but that's it. She is slowly working her way to riding the bus to school twice a week (usually with me meeting her there but this week, on Friday, the plan is I will not meet her there and instead will just see her at recess). Finally, ever so slowly, she is emerging from her shell and becoming the little girl I've always known her to be. Independent, amazing and self-assured.

I'm so grateful to have been able to help her all these months. I honestly believe my ability to be there to help her take each step has been a huge blessing to her...and to me. My daughter is getting ready to take on the world - just as I always knew she would.

Go Kaylen! I am so, so proud of you!!!

(Thank you, Dakota and Vicki. I know this would have been impossible without your support and understanding and I am very grateful to you both for helping Kaylen get what she needed to be able to succeed.)


Dakota said...


Congrats to both of you!di

Dakota said...

Ha - ignore the "di" at the end of the last post. It was the first part of the word verification!

Lielanie said...

That is wonderful, what an amazing accomplishment and proof of the inner strength that Kaylen has, I love reading about hers and your determination and ability to work together though all things. What a wonderful way to start the new year.

Sara S. said...

That's wonderful!!

Tanya said...

Isn't that a great feeling! J jumped out of the car today and ran to the window and a dad passing by said "it's great when their excited to go huh" and I just said "yes it is." One of his security items is his watch, so he knows just when I'll be there, but he no longer needs that either. When his teacher gave him a new one for Christmas she said "I know he doesn't need it here anymore, but I thought it would be good for the transition to Kinder next year"

I'm so happy for you and Kaylen. You both have come a long way. :)