Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life Ramblings

It's funny how life changes, isn't it? Not all that long ago I was doing reading on how to get pregnant (you scoff....but for a lesbian there are many different ways and processes to think about), breast vs bottle, co-sleeping vs cry it out, attachment parenting vs not. I was reading everything baby related I could get my hands on including prenatal vitamin reviews because all that stuff is important for having a healthy child.

Then it was diapers, and toys and clothes followed by which food to start them on and how to introduce new foods. Then there were finger foods and playdoh and painting. Books to read, walks to take and manners to teach.

And then, for me, it was starting over from point A while still continuing on with child #1.

Those days felt endless. But I'm looking at one baby turning six and the other turning nine. Definitely no longer babies but the learning curve is still there, still intense. The decisions over plastic or glass bottles seem so easy in comparison to the decisions to be made now.

And I am well aware this is just the tip of the iceberg. I cringe when people say "It doesn't get easier, you know." Yes, I can see that....but can you at least pretend for those of us with kids younger than yours?

Life. The only thing constant is change.

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