Friday, January 07, 2011

Update to the Update

I met Kaylen at lunch today and I am happy and relieved to report that she is doing ok. I kept everything upbeat and asked her about her morning and she didn't say anything (her teacher had emailed me again to let me know she was having a really good day) so neither did I.

She had a couple tearful moments at recess but nothing out of the ordinary these days and then the recess person came up to fill me in on what had happened in the morning. It was that person who had stopped the kids. Kaylen just listened and didn't react. I explained what I had told them to do and she said that now that she knows, she will let her go through (she knew before since she was one of the people assigned to Kaylen for second recess when she started doing that one alone. I don't know what happened today but whatever. It happened. It's over.)

Kaylen still didn't say anything about it so I just moved the conversation to something else. She happily went back to class at the end of recess so I'm going to assume she is doing fine. I'll know for sure next week when I attempt to send her without me again.

So now I am home and taking up the job search yet again. I found a couple healthcare it jobs which I'm not really qualified for so hopefully I will find a few that I *am* qualified for.

Here's hoping.


Tanya said...

What are her normal tearful moments caused by? You said it's nothing out of the ordinary now.

Tanya said...

Oh and I'm glad she did okay after that. That is progress in itself. Ability to bounce back.

Tanya said...

And I just had another thought. Had the teacher not emailed you to begin with, you would have never known anything was up and would have not been so distressed all morning. At least not until Kelton or the aide mentioned it, because even Kaylen didn't say anything. Maybe the rule should now be, if the teacher can handle it, mom need not hear about it (from the teacher). I know there are issues that come up with J that I never hear about, unless he chooses to tell me.