Thursday, January 06, 2011

Little Mis-Matched

If you have ever had real life interactions with my daughter than you know all about her "unique" style of dressing. My friend, Cande, told me about a store that is all about selling mis-matched patterns and whatnot and how she should help them design some of their items.

I'm not sure what term would accurately describe her style. I'm not real sure what hip hop clothing looks like but maybe that is one term that could be used? I don't know. Yesterday she wore very colorful stripped with flowers tights with a green and blue dress with leaves on it. Just writing it out does not give you the proper vision but trust was something else.

My daughter is an independent thinker, that's for sure. Maybe she will be a fashion designer when she is older. :)


Mimi said...

Don't you pick out her clothes? I did for years.....and then when my daughter started picking her own cloths (around the 4th grade) out it broke my

Tanya said...

I love it. And unless he doesn't care that day and is being lazy, J usually picks out his own clothes too, even if he puts them on backwards. And the behavior specialist says they should do it at this age so you go good mommy!

nikk said...

Flowers on the tights and leaves on the dress match perfectly!