Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Smoothies

I've been back to drinking green smoothies for a couple of weeks in the hopes that a) I will have more energy and b) I can drop the weight I put back on this past while. I don't know if the weight is coming down but I do know I have more energy.

I've gotten used to sneaking in a greatly needed hour nap in the afternoon and for the second day in a row now, I can't nap. As in, I can close my eyes but sleep is nowhere near happening. Usually I have been out cold as soon as I closed my eyes.

Before the past year or so, the only time I ever napped was when I was pregnant or sick. Napping just isn't in my DNA. The past year though, napping is what has helped keep my sanity intact. I am not a good nighttime sleeper so a mid-afternoon nap helped get me through. It was my "reward" for getting everything done I need to get done (job hunting, chores, Kaylen, etc). It might also, just maybe, been a sign of anemia. Now that I am downing fruits and veggies by the gallon (especially spinach which is loaded with iron)I find I have more energy than I have in a long, long time.

It's nice but I will say that after my very busy morning of applying for jobs, cleaning the house and going to the school, I was looking forward to an hour of sleep on my cozy couch in a sun patch.

So if you are lacking energy, I highly recommend green smoothies.


Tanya said...

How do you make the smoothies? Do you take an Iron supplement?

Casey said...

Tanya - it's easy. I add water, fusion V8 juice (because I like it), fresh spinach, fresh kale, grapes, banana, 4 baby carrots, frozen berries and whatever else fresh I happen to have and blend it all up.

Down the hatch it goes!

I make it at night so it's ready to go in the morning and I don't have to think about it or come up with excuses of why skipping breakfast is fine. :) I have to drink it BEFORE I have coffee. That way I KNOW it gets done.

And no, I don't take an iron supplement. I have a lot of spinach in each one which gives me plenty of iron. :)

Plus I still take my regular vitamins.

Trust me - it sounds gross but it's actually pretty good. Spinach is a definite for a smoothie and the rest just depends on what I have on hand. I try to have it all on hand though. :)

Tanya said...

Cool, thanks. I like the idea of doing it the day before. So pretty much anything in whatever quantity you want. Have you ever considered adding a scoop of Spirulina? It's suppose to have lots of good qualities, including Protein and it's suppose to help with energy. mmmm Now I really want to make one!

Tanya said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I just finished my first green smoothie. I am anemic so it's a great way to add not only iron, but also more veggies into my diet. I let J try it and he didn't much like it, but I think it was texture rather then taste. I didn't try it with carrots yet cause I think it would seem chunky, no? I used spinach, kale, grapes, an apple, a banana, some apple juice and a few leftover berries I had. Tomorrow I'll try a different combo. Now I'm just worried it will make me more hungry. Odd.