Friday, January 07, 2011

Big Day

For the very first time since the first week in September, when life was turned upside down for Kaylen and I, my daughter climbed on the school bus and went to school without me. Usually, once a week, I put her on the bus and then meet her at school (the other days, I drive her and walk her to her room). This week, I told her that we were going to add a step. Tuesday she rode the bus and I met her and then today, she would ride the bus and I wouldn't meet her.

She was not all that thrilled but she did it. We had to pinky swear that I would be at recess about 40 times and the hugs and kisses were many but she took a deep breath and climbed up the bus steps.

I am so proud of her. It's been a long haul to get us where we are.

So here I am...hoping like heck Kelton followed my directions to get her to where she needed to go. Not only is this a big step for her, it's a big step for me. I have to trust she will get there and be ok. I do not take this for granted. When you have a child like Kaylen, you can't take anything for granted - each and every day is filled with obstacles, challenges and successes that most people don't have to deal with. This is a HUGE step for all three of us because Kelton has been deeply affected by all of this, too.

It's now time to link into my network cable and get busy job hunting. I have three hours to make good use of before I need to be at the school. It feels weird to not be going back and forth this morning but it's also nice. And bonus: I had time for two cups of coffee this morning. Go me!

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