Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tuesday, March 2nd

It's Book Fair week at Kelton's school and we were off and running yesterday morning. The kids and I arrived at school at 7:30 and I set about getting everything ready to start the day. Ingrid had sent me an email early in the morning to let me know she wouldn't be in until around noon because her 2 year old was up most of the night and she wanted to let him sleep late.

*gulp* All on me.

Thank goodness for three amazing volunteers. One of the people volunteers all the time and is amazing - he saves me more times than I can say. They all arrived around 8:30 which was about 45 minutes after sales began but since it was the first day I could handle things pretty well. Not sure that would be the case for this morning though now that the kids now we are selling. I predict craziness until the bell rings.

Classes filtered through all day with kids needing help creating their wish lists and figuring out the money they hoped their parents would pony up. The day moved pretty quickly (and gave me some time to catch up with some of my favorite teacher friends) and thankfully, since Kaylen has been hanging around the school since she was 2, everyone was very ok with her joining Kelton at recess and lunchtime. It was fun to see him arrive in the library and spirit her away for a while. They are both such big kids now.

After lunch recess, when he brought her back, I heard her say "Thanks bud. You better run along to class now. See you later." The "thanks bud" cracked me. :)

It's hard for Kaylen to be at the Book Fair all day. She gets clingy and needy - and always when I am super duper busy. Thankfully, my friend Shawna offered to take her for the day today. I will leave school around 8:45 and take Kaylen to Shawna's so she can play with Reece (who is also 5 years old). She has a big bin of dress up clothes ready to go since they were plotting playing dress up when they were together last week. :)

For my part, I pretty much lived on coffee and adrenaline yesterday. I had logged only about 3 hours of sleep since Sunday night (or was that Monday morning?) I didn't get home until 12:30am and then had trouble falling asleep. (Oh but Sunday (well....the whole weekend, really) had been super fun so it was all worth it.) Needless to say, I wasn't feeling all that great by evening. Once the kids and I arrived home from the school (which was later than it will be the rest of the week because of the teacher preview event) I rushed around getting everything done and dinner made. Then it was about an hour until bedtime and I swear to you - I was so desperate for bedtime to come that I think the minute hand took about 5 minutes to tick away each minute. It took FOREVER until I could say "Ok - bedtime. Go brush your teeth!"

I almost fell asleep putting them to bed so I decided it would be a good time to check in with one of my friends. We text'd back and forth and continued doing so after the kids were asleep and while I did chores like folding and putting away laundry. After we said good-bye, I sat down and watched Brothers and Sisters and fought falling asleep.

I gave in at 8:45 and went to bed. And stared at the ceiling. Oh yeah - for as tired as I was, sleep was hard won. I finally got a few hours here and there but was up for good by 4. Weird dreams make is impossible to feel like I logged any quality sleep but it will have to do.

As I was getting my coffee ready a bit ago I was thinking how I used to take sleeping for granted and now it's like a precious gift if I get more than a few hours here and there. And I thought I was sleep deprived when the kids woke me all night long. HA! Ironically, they sleep through the night now and I don't. Go figure.

Here's hoping for a good day.....for all of us!

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