Friday, March 19, 2010


It's Friday. And to add to the greatness of that - it's another beautiful morning in the Northwest. It's cold as all get out right now (it was 27 a bit ago) but it should be in the mid 60's by afternoon. Perfect!

Something tells me a bike ride/walk will be in the afternoon plans for a certain small girl. :) Personally, I would love to go out and find some new jeans but we all know how that will turn out - in a whole lot of frustration. Who knew it would get this complicated to find a pair of jeans that look decent on me? I guess that's what happens when you start caring how you look in things. :)

I have a few things to do around here today too - the regular ol' straightening up (which I swear is never ending!), laundry (again...never ending), wiping the kids bathroom counter and faucets because no matter how many times I show them how not to get toothpaste everywhere, it always ends up all over the place. *sigh*

I did everything else yesterday though so I think I'm still good to go.

Oh - Kelton brought home his report card yesterday. I'm so proud of him - he really works hard to keep his grades up. The only things that aren't above grade level are his penmanship and spelling and PE. PE I couldn't possible care less about as long as he is at least doing his best (and this boy is NOT athletically inclined) and his spelling issues stem greatly from his speech issues. His penmanship? Well - we're hard at work on that one already. So all in all - no surprises and an overall excellent report. Yay him!

Have a good Friday, everyone!

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Tanya said...

I've found that lots of OT's offer handwriting seminars. Might be something to look into for the summer. I would have loved to do that as a kid. My handwriting has always been bad. And I always hated PE, how fair is it to even grade PE. So lame.