Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kaylen's Note for Me

Kaylen wanted to make sure that I did not forget my promise of taking her to the Dollar Tree so yesterday she spent time creating a visual reminder for me and taped it the mirror in the kitchen. Check it out:

This is the overall picture. To the left is a car. The black things between the car and the yellow is Kaylen and me walking. The yellow is the store (with doors and the stuffed bunny she wants sticking out of it). The blue, white and yellow is the sun, clouds and sky and, of course, a tree.

The smudges on the mirror aren't usually there but she had to steady herself somehow since she was standing on the counter. :)

It's a little easier to see in the photos below:

Silly girl of mine. :)


Lynilu said...

That's cute, and I'm sure you couldn't possibly forget it now!

Tanya said...

lol, looks like something J would do. Except his is more abstract. He keeps adding things to his mural that just don't fit together. All I know is they are for me.

Lol, my word verification is piglycla. Sounds like a toy our kids would like Piggly Clay