Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing Much

Is it really only 12:44? How can that be? I've been up for hours now and I have accomplished a great deal. Applied for several jobs, took care of house stuff, went on a neighborhood bike ride/walk with Kaylen. Heck, I even watched The View and talked with my brother. Now I have songs playing in the background as I write. But what do I have to write about? Tons. But what will I write about? Nothing much.

I don't feel like letting my thoughts out for public consumption and yet I feel like I should write *something*.

Spring is coming. Quickly. I am torn by the changing season; normally I would be eagerly anticipating it but this year? This year the weeks ticking by make me nervous. I need a job. Soon. I get that there are people who have been out of work for a really long time and I get that I've "only" been looking for a couple months but it's crazy making. I get that for every one job there are hundreds of applications and yet - I want *someone* to think I am worth taking a risk on. Someone. Somewhere.

I'm dedicated. I have a level of commitment that is strong and sure. I'm worth the risk. I really am.

I have to believe that everything will work out. It just has to.

It. Just. Has. To.


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Sheri said...

Not sure if you saw this article in the Columbian:

I know you've said in the past you weren't looking at temp agencies, but ... 1) don't forget about them as potential employers; 2) you can specify that you ONLY want long-term temp (gets someone else helping you look AND now, there are a lot of companies hiring long-term temp with potential of extending a perm offer after seeing how the temp performs--sort of a trial run); 3) not sure about other temp agencies, but Manpower offers opportunities for benefites--health, holidays, etc.

hackwife said...

I second the temp agency recommendation, it's a great way to get a foot in the door, try out companies before committing to them or even earn income while you are looking. Make it clear to them you will be interviewing during your assignments and you should have no trouble getting the time off to do it. I've found some wonderful jobs by temping first.