Sunday, March 07, 2010

First Park Day of the Year

This afternoon Catrina and I met and walked over to a nearby school to let the kids play on the playground (between the two of us, we have 4 kids who are very close in age: Kelton; who is almost 8, Caitlyn; who is almost 6, Kaylen: who is 5 and Colton: who is 4.5). We figured it was a great way for the kids to spend some time together (though they all have known each other for a while now). I really wanted to get a photo of all 4 together but wow - they sure don't stand still very long. I do have some photos (though admittedly not good ones) though. Maybe next time I will set up a shot to get all four at the same time.

As the rain started to fall, we headed back to Catrina's house and the kids played together for about an hour. I had a good time listening to all of them while Catrina and I hung out and watched part of last weeks "Amazing Race".

It was really nice to all spend time together and I look forward to more.


Catrina and Colton

Kelton being goofy.

This is a terrible picture of me but I like it of Catrina. :)

Caitlyn and Kelton

Catrina (love, love, love this picture!)

Colton on the monkey bars


Catrina and Colton having fun.


Declan's Mom said...

Great pictures...but I have to say...all those names are sooo similar, that's going to be interesting :)

gabrielle said...

yes I was thinking all those kids names must sound very similar when you're calling them at the happy for you

Tanya said...

I LOVE it!!! And it's too funny that all the names are K or C. Great coincidence. Not just with the kids, but the moms too. I'm so excited for you.

Stacey said...

love the pics!!! thanks for sharing!

Caroline said...

Looks like everyone had a great day!! Not only do the kids sound the same...all of your names do.

So glad you are happy.

Nikki said...

I'm glad you finally felt you could share your new relationship. I hope it goes well and you are happy. Sounds like you are.

Catrina said...

Again with the bad pictures! Ok, I think I am going to have to OK the pictures of me prior to you posting them. :)

Casey said...

I posted a bad one of me, too. Doesn't that count for something? Yeah - not great ones but we can blame the camera. :)