Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soccer Practice

Catrina coaches soccer for both her kids teams and last night was Colton's practice so the kids and I went over to a local park to meet up with them. Kelton and Kaylen have never played soccer (well - except in the backyard) so they were excited to see what it was all about and to play on the playground at the park.

Kaylen wanted to cheer the team on so she decked out in her cheerleader dress (a hand-me-down from her cousin) and found a set of pom poms. Crazy little girl - but she was happy so what the heck.

Kelton, Kaylen and Caitlyn played on the play equipment for a while and then we all wandered down the field to watch and then ended back up on the playground. They had a really good time and tired themselves out.....always a good thing.

I watched Kaylen kicking a ball and I have to say, she gets the whole "little kicks" thing to retain control of the ball. I was impressed - I think she would do well in soccer but her hearts desire is to be a cheerleader. How is it I ended up with such a girly girl? :)


Lynilu said...

You might be surprised. My girly-girl granddaughter is a superb soccer player. Enroll her in a soccer program for a while and see what happens!

Dakota said...

She and I have been playing soccer in the backyard now and then for the past year or two...I noticed she is quite good. I think she'd love to get out and get muddy playing soccer!

Casey said...

Dakota: Maybe we should look into signing her up for summer. And both kids are really wanting to take swimming again this summer. Oy! :)

Tanya said...

I think Justus would love being a cheerleader :)

Mimi said...

My granddaughter just started soccer.....Sophie is 4 and Lily is 2 they're still trying to get the hang of it........cute watching them