Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Book Fair Wrap Up

So it's done. Another book fair has come and gone and I have to say, considering the economic times and the fact that we have 40 less students this year than last, I think we did an amazing job.

We ended up raising over $4000 to buy books for the school - which is huge! All in all, we were only $204.00 under last years total sales and while I was a bit bummed at first, I'm proud of what we did accomplish.

I realized though that we, as a PTO really need to get some more cash boxes to have on hand....or maybe a mmf drawer. With our family event Thursday night we needed additional cash boxes for the pizza sales. We made do, of course, but it might be nice to invest in at least one more.

I did all the financial paperwork yesterday and sent everything back to Scholastic. I even booked for next year's fair. I have to admit though, it was a relief to put everything back in the file and store it away for another year.

Yay us. We did it!

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