Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogging on Location

I am blogging today from Cafe Sip-n-Play. I'm online, drinking coffee and eating a blueberry muffin while Kaylen (who has already made short work of her chocolate chip cookie and chocolate milk) plays with a bunch of kids. It's way busier here than I've seen it at this hour. Though admittedly, it's been a while since I've been here and I'm sure most stay at home parents are suffering cabin fever from the constant rain lately. So I guess I shouldn't really be all that surprised. Lots of dads and kids though the dads clearly don't know each other. I thought, at first, that they were part of a dads club or something but nope. Unless this is the way stay at home dads relate to each other. :) (Just kidding, people. Just kidding.)

Let's see...what else can I entertain you with? Not's Friday which is awesome! It's my kid-free weekend which is even more awesome. I get to spend it with Catrina which is the most awesome-est of all. (yeah yeah ...I just made that word up. Deal with it.) I am really looking forward to the weekend. Lots of down time with movies, popcorn and ice cream. I'm sure there will be other things we will do during the time but that is my primary focus. :) Just hanging out and being together.

What else? What else? I guess I don't have all the much to share. Life is moving right along - a few bumps in the road when it comes to other people in our lives but all in all...things are moving along at a good pace.

The kids are good. I came home last night and found a typed note/poem/writing from Kelton who was clearly upset last night. He let loose and let his frustration out. Apparently he and Dakota had a bumpy patch last night so he took his frustration to the keyboard and got it out.

I talked with him about it this morning and he said he was really angry at her when he started it but then he felt better when he was done. He even added to it and then took it to school to share with his teacher. He admitted that he was probably too hard on her. :) I can see where his children of divorce group at school is paying off.

Dakota, for her part, took it in stride. It would have really hurt my feelings but she rolled with it and just let him get it out. Good for them for working through it so well.

Ok - that's about all I have. For now. I reserve the right to comeback and ramble all I want, whenever I want. :)

Adios for now!

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Mimi said...

so when you go to catrina's are her children at the other parents? so you get a free weekend from children???? sorry about the boy being upset but it will happen thank god he is able to work it out.....