Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day Success!

Both kids came home with smiles on their faces and stories to share. Kaylen, after saying she had a really good day, looked at me and said "Mom. Do you think I can get my spot from Ms. B?" Her "spot" is a special sensory pillow for her to sit on during carpet time (also known as circle time in some schools). Because of her misfiring "sensors", she finds it painful to sit on hard surfaces. Once her sensory issues are stimulated, it goes down hill fast. I thought it was amazing that she assessed her problem, came up with the workable solution and then requested help. She is definitely a different child than last year! I placed a call to Ms. B, the counselor, and she said she would deliver Kaylen's spot to her classroom and it would be waiting for her in the morning. That was all it took - my girl was happy! Easy peasy!

After about 40 minutes of talking my ear off, the kids slowly settled in. Or so I thought. Kaylen actually went to her room to pick out tomorrow's outfit. Right there tells me a lot. She is doing great!


I know, right? Can you believe it?????? This child has never, since age 2 when her SI went full tilt, worn jeans for any length of time. And definitely not when changing out of them wouldn't be an option. PEOPLE: THIS IS HUGE!!!

She picked everything out and put them in her clothes cubby for tomorrow. I am really rooting for her to follow through in the morning. Time will tell and if she chooses not to go forward with jeans this least she tried and maybe next time she will. The most important factor here is: She is doing great!!!!

I am so proud of her!!

Kelton seems to be having a bit of an adjustment issue. He isn't thrilled to be back at school but I hope that will change in the next week or so as he settles in. Growing up is hard - and I think the transition into the land of the older kids has unnerved him. He has a good teacher though so I think he will be ok. He had the same set of teachers (two of them) for both second and third grade so this switch to a new teacher is hard for him. But I have great faith in him that he will settle in and thrive.

Here's hoping they both have a fantastic second day!

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