Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boo Boo's

I think I should check my closet to see if I am hiding a couple nursing uniforms that I am unaware of. The past 24 hours have been the day for taking care of boo-boos.

Last night, as we were making dinner, Stephanie was grating cheese when she hit the grater with her knuckle. It was UGLY. Ok - so *I* didn't look because I am way, way, way too squeamish when adults hurt themselves. Especially when they are saying "Oh man - it's bad. Really bad." thanks. But I can hand you a band aid. I know. I suck. be fair, it must be really gross because now she won't let me look. She called the doctor today because it is still seeping blood at a good rate. Ice and band aids is the recommendation because there is nothing to stitch. Ummm...GROSS!

And then just a bit ago Kaylen came screaming into the house. She fell off her bike in the driveway and skinned up her knee and arm. No hiding from this one: blood and all. I got her all cleaned up and stayed as calm and cool as I could (even though I am wigging out inside. A good nurse I would NOT make!) but can I make a request to the universe that we stop with the blood and gore for a while? I've had my fill.

I'm off to go do something very un-nurse like now; change the loads of laundry. Oh come on. You know you're jealous! :)

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Anonymous said...

So I was reading the part about Stephanie's knuckles, looking between my fingers as I do while watching horror movies. You know IT'S going to happen! If I'm the only adult on-site, I can handle the blood and guts until another adult takes over ... then I pass out. Literally. Fun.