Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night - Again

Oh look. It's Friday night again and, right on time, I'm blogging at 8:50pm. This time there is no one snoring gently next to me. Only the sounds of children settling in for sleep and a cat or two wandering around. Even the dogs are, blissfully so, settled in. You know - until around the time I flip off my light and try to sleep. Then they will be up and needing outside, where Jordan will wander around the yard fora good 20 minutes before coming back in. And, as luck would have it, he is mostly deaf so calling him doesn't help. I'm totally at his nighttime wandering mercy.

Nothing new in that.

With all my nighttime interruptions and all the other crap (and no, that isn't a pun) I have to deal with, I count myself luck that dog mange is not on the list. At least there is a bright spot, right? :)

Today has been a pretty good day. The kids found out who their teachers are and both are happy. Kaylen seemed to visibly relax when I read off her classmates name. She knows many of the kids from her class last year. A downer for her is two of the kids she is nervous about due to behavior issues early on last year are also in her class(one is "the spitter" and the other was a behavior issue kid. Kaylen gets upset when kids get into trouble for not doing what they should do. At school, she is very much a rule follower and thinks everyone else should be too. I have to agree with her on that one.). We weren't able to meet up with her teacher today but we did get to talk with the teachers who Ms. M student taught for a couple years back and Kaylen asked how well Ms. M could deal with "the spitter". Mrs. V assured Kaylen that Ms. M was very good at making sure everyone felt safe. That helped a lot.

Kaylen is ready for school! She even informed me that she thinks she will say goodbye at the house on the first day and doesn't need me to follow the bus. She has opted to leave that open in case she changes her mind though. :) Kelton is dead set against me following him to school. Guess I don't blame him but it kind of sucks for me.

Kelton was listed on two class lists. His first choice, and mine. Apparently there was an oversight for the final assignment. This meant, of course, that he was able to choose which one he wanted. He, of course, chose Mr. D and I am ok with that. Mr. D was there today so we got to spend some time talking with him and Kelton got to ask questions about what the year will hold. He, too, is ready to go.

Because of all the teacher changes and looping, the school no longer has the usual primary and intermediate sides. Instead, all the grades and jumbled up throughout the building. It's actually kind of nice. For my two, it means they are three classrooms away from each other. I think Kaylen likes knowing her room is so close to her brother's. I have to admit, I kind of like knowing that, too. :)

The school has also been undergoing some other changes; classrooms are being set up to accommodate all types of learners. The teacher I was talking with today has an interesting point: Where do you read books? I'm willing to bet you read them curled up on the couch or in a favorite comfy chair. Maybe, like me, you sit on the patio and read. Maybe in bed. Where is it we expect kids to read at school? Sitting up in hard chairs leaning over a desk or table. I bet not many of us sit at the kitchen table and read our books - at least not books for pleasure reading.

So now classrooms have some tables and chairs, big pillows on the floor, tall tables for students who like to stand and work.....super low tables for kids who like to sit on the floor and work. Even clipboards for those who prefer to lay on the floor and work.

I think this is AWESOME!!!! Kelton has a hard time sitting in his chair and working. This will give him different places and he can find what best suits him. Kaylen's classroom is completely set up and it is so cute, cozy and inviting. No more harsh overhead lighting. I think she is going to thrive in this type of environment and I am very excited for both kids. I think it's going to be a great year for them!

One more week of summer left. Wow.

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Tanya said...

That is an awesome way for them to set up the classroom. I know J often likes to stand when doing things.