Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rowdy Summer Nights

The summer is winding down and one thing I will miss is the kids being able to stay up later than usual because seriously? The fun starts happening right around 8pm. The kids start watching youtube videos of songs they know and they sing along. Loudly. At times VERY loudly. Right now it's The Lazy Song. Which has grown on me this summer.

Their laughter is infectious. The noise level, at times, climbs a bit too high and then I have to remind them to turn down the volume and settle down a bit.

Tonight they are in fine form. Singing loudly and, from the thud thud thud, I'm guessing dancing.
I hide in my room mostly. I love listening to them but the distance between them and me is a good thing for my noise (in)tolerance. At times I swear there is a band of steel drums out in the other part of the house.

But they are having fun. Making memories that, hopefully, will last a lifetime.

I remember the long summer evenings of my childhood fondly. Working on puzzles, playing board games....all of us a bit wild but all of us having fun.

I'm glad my kids are making memories.

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