Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Cookout Night

As tradition goes, we have at least one night every summer where we have a cookout. In years past, it usually is one of the times when the tent has been up and we slept outside. Last year and this year, I skipped the tent part and we just had the cookout.

I built the fire and got it going and Kaylen sat out with me and we talked as we watched it burn down until it was finally good for hot dog and chicken nugget roasting. Yes, I said chicken nuggets. Apparently, Kaylen wasn't in the mood for hot dogs so she decided on chicken nuggets. I didn't care either way so chicken nuggets it was. Some day, when I am out searching for the perfect medical school graduation gift for her, I will look back on tonight and have a good giggle. :) Chicken nuggets, roasting over a campfire. Gotta love my daughter!

Kelton and I opted for hot dogs.

And for dessert? S'mores, of course. :)

It was a good little cookout. Calm and non-rushed. Good conversations and no bickering between themselves. Probably the best one I've ever had with the two of them - a sure sign that they are growing up right before my eyes.

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