Friday, August 12, 2011

Money on the Brain

So....the DOW has had quite a week, has it not? Up and down and all around. Facebook was all a twitter about it but I look at it this way, there isn't anything in the world I can do about it. I am at the mercy of the stock market. I have surrendered to that fact and I'm ok with it.

I was, however, happy to hear the news about the interest rates staying low through 2013. I know it's not ideal and all...blah blah stuff...blah blah blah but for someone like me, trying to get back on their feet after having their life implode, it's a good feeling to know that I have a chance not to be priced out of things by high interest rates. Things like mortgages, auto refinancing, etc. The big stuff. The stuff that feels important for me at this stage in my life.

When all is said and done and I am standing on solid financial ground once again (SOON!), I want to know that I can move forward and take care of keeping a roof over our heads and a set of reliable wheels to move us from point A to point B with reasonable (and by reasonable I really mean LOW) interest rates.

So for all of you with car loans and mortgages, now might be a really good time to look into refinancing and getting a lower rate. Saving money on your loans gives you more money to spend which, in turn, helps the economy- which in turn helps the market.

All it takes is a phone call or two. What do you have to lose?

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Tanya said...

Do you have stocks or 401K? If not, and even if you do, don't worry about the market. Are you really at it's mercy?