Friday, August 05, 2011

Kaylen's New Room

Oh my gosh you guys....I rocked it! Seriously rocked it! Ok - yeah, the kids helped. Kaylen more than Kelton but still - I was the driving force behind it. Ok - not THE driving force. That would be Kaylen who insisted it was time for Kelton to move out of her room and back into his own. But really? I was the next driving force. The one who rocked it and changed it from "Oh My God what happened to this room?!? Should I call CPS? Maybe that show Clean Sweep? Seriously? There are two children living in this disaster? HO....LY CRAP!"

Ok ok - it wasn't *that* bad but it wasn't great. You will notice I didn't take a before photo. I just couldn't subject myself...or that scene. I could clean and organize til the cows came home but there was just too much stuff and not enough room. So yeah...maybe what transpired today in the span of four hot and sweaty hours wasn't as magical as say......reverse osmosis but it was still pretty amazing.

With the dresser and desk ready to go Kaylen, Kelton and I set about transforming Kaylen's room. We took down nursery prints and posters of puppies, We cleared out under her bed and collapsed the trundle down and slid it under her bed. We moved bookcases and toy bins. We sorted through clothes and toys and stuffed animals. Nothing went untouched. Nothing. Not even the closet.

We sent 6 kitchen sized garbage bags to Goodwill, 1 bag to the trash and 1 bag to recycling. I played hardball and Kaylen played with me. We sorted and said goodbye to things and viola! Like magic - four hours later - this is what we had:


I am so proud of what we accomplished and I am so proud of my girl for letting go of things (I'm trying so hard not to let the kids grow into pack rats. I am not and it drives me wild when they can't let go of toys and books that they are done with.). She rocked the wall decals (with my help, of course) and the whole room has such a big girl feel to it now.

I love, love, love it!

Oh - and Kaylen does, too. :)

Think she will let me sleep in there? :)

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