Thursday, September 01, 2011

Day Two

I am very proud to say that Kaylen appears to have her school anxiety licked. I know several people had voiced their concern last year that she would probably back slide when starting first grade but I had a gut feeling that she wouldn't. I watched and supported her as she worked and struggled hard to get where she was by the end of the school year last year and by sheer determination, she was going to hit the floor running this year.

She did not disappoint herself. She is rocking the school year!

This morning she bounded out of bed, into the shower and then went to get dressed. In the shower, she had voiced concerns about not being able to wear the jeans she picked out yesterday. I casually just said "That's ok. You can pick something else and try again with the jeans another day." That immediately calmed her down and she finished her shower. She went to get dressed and, amazingly enough, she came out in her jeans!

JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS!!!!!! Moms who have kids with sensory disorders will understand what a HUGE deal this is. HUGE! Bigger than huge!!

Her excitement was similar to what I will expect when I pull out the outdoor halloween decorations in a few weeks time. So excited!

She couldn't stand the wait for school so with 20 minutes before the bus was due to arrive, she finally talked me into letting her stand out front to wait. She was so silly and giddy! Just look!

And this is how Kelton waited for the bus:

Kelton. He is another story this year. Something seems "off" with him and I am really working hard to figure it out. I'm hoping to get some one on one time with him during the coming long weekend to see if I can get him to open up. Something is bugging him...he just isn't himself. :(


Shannon said...

She looks great in jeans! That's very exciting.

I hope Kelton is okay.

Declan's Mom said...

Well she is a girl and ultimately fashion trumps all - lol. As for Kelton - ugh. There is a LOT of social pressures in elementary school these days :(