Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Not Perfect But Perfect in Its Messy-ness

"....as a blog is a mere glimpse into our lives, not a moving picture of every blessed and damned moment."

I stole that from a friends blog post. I think it's appropriate to share that line of thinking in order to remind everyone that things I post are a snapshot of where I am *at the exact moment* I start writing a post. It might not even be where I am when I hit the publish button. It's just a few moments in time. It is not a portrait of my life, or my mental stability. A Polaroid, if you will. Taken on a whim and developed quickly. The color not quite right, messy hair, a speck of pepper in your teeth from dinner, the light bouncing back from the lenses of glasses.

A portrait is a moment that is placed into perfection. Everyone arranged just so, hair in place, teeth shiny and bright and speck-free, glasses not catching the glare from the flash.

Yep. A Polaroid. That's what this blog is. Just a quick, sometimes blurry and never perfect snapshot into my life.

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Tribe Mama said...

Glad you liked it and could use it. People sometimes forget that what is put out there may be the truth, but only one version of truth, one moment in time and one perspective.