Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sweat Time

It's hot. Well - not as hot as lots of places and certainly not as hot as it's ever been here but enough that when I spend time in the sun, I turn into a sweaty puddle. The outdoor thermometer is hitting 80 today.

I know. For some of you, that would be a welcome relief and I'm really not complaining that it's *only* 80. I'm just saying that it's hot for me.

I'm always grateful for inside climate control because when the core of my being heats up to a solid 80 or above, I'm not happy. At all.

That said, the AC in my car isn't working. Which sucks. Big time. But the $2500 it would take to fix it? Yeah - well.....can you say "pipe dream"? That sucks, too. But today? Lots of things suck. (Yeah yeah.....pity party for one, please.)

Kaylen and I (with a smidgen of help from Kelton) have been working on a furniture painting project the past couple days and I will tell you......while 80 makes for nice paint drying's hot to sit and stand in for painting. And especially when painting is one of my least favorite things to do. Ever.

All this said...I'm still in a funk. A major funk. (Can you tell?) Which sucks more than hot days or broken AC.

I'm just saying.

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