Thursday, August 04, 2011

Before and After

The story goes like this: For a variety of reasons, Kaylen has never been alone in her bedroom. Kelton, while having his own room, took to sleeping in her room when he was 3 and Dakota started law school. Can't really blame him - he was little and scared and wanted me with him while he fell asleep. Since Kaylen was an infant, I spent bedtime in her room nursing her and putting her to bed. It became the easy thing to do to set up a bed for him in her room and let them share.

I always assumed once law school was done and life got back to "normal", he would return to sleeping his room. After all, there would be two parents to move bedtime along.

We all know what happened after law school.

Kelton remained a room-sharer in Kaylen's room.

I have been wanting to transition Kelton back into his own room for a while now but both kids were resistant. At the beginning of summer, I informed them both before the start of the school year, they would be in their own rooms. End of discussion.

Grumble grumble whine whine.

Then Monday morning Kaylen came to me and said "I want Kelton out of my room." After much back and forth, the decision was made. By the weekend, Kelton would be in his room and Kaylen would have a "girly room" all to herself.

Kaylen doesn't have a dresser. Or didn't before two days ago. She has a pull out box thing from Ikea under her bed for her clothes (and I'll be honest, it hasn't held up. I've had to rebuild it and reinforce it. I imagine wood floors are better for something like that.). I set about finding a dresser for her.

After much searching, Stephanie mentioned that she had a dresser than Kaylen could have. It needed updating since it was coming out of Andrew's room but Kaylen liked that idea.

Hot pink was the color choice. Of course.

So yesterday we picked up primer and paint and today we went to work on transforming the dresser from Star Wars to Girly Girl.

She LOVES it.

Tomorrow, when the paint is good and dry, we have removable decals to add to give it that perfect girly charm and then we are all set to begin "Room Switch 2011".


Nothing is constant but change.

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Kait said...

That is the best quote ever! People are always saying - there is just always something' going on with you! But this is so true, nothing is constant but change.