Friday, August 12, 2011

A Wild Friday Night

It's 8:50pm and I am sitting in bed blogging while Stephanie snores next to me. Ok - not snoring...but breathing that "I'm asleep" breathing. Do I know how to rock a Friday night or what?!?!

To be fair, she put in a long day at work - up and out with the sun and didn't get back here until after 6:30. Then it was dinner while we watched last night's Big Brother, some reconnecting time and talking about our days and now......snoring and blogging. Rock on!

So here I sit. Catching up on email, reading blogs and, of course, Facebook. Maybe later I will pull up some sites on manufactured homes and do a little dreaming of a place in the woods big enough for five people and a variety of animals. Maybe I'll pop over to Netflix and watch more episodes of Saving Grace. Maybe I'll head over to Damn You Auto Correct and laugh myself silly.

Oh I know you are all jealous. *I* am having a way cooler Friday night than you. :)

Well look at that. It's 8:56. I've managed to fill six whole minutes! I am ON FIRE! :)

And from the sounds of this post, I just might need to get some sleep myself. I think I'm getting punchy. Wowsa.

9:00 on a Friday night and I'm ready to call it good.

Getting old sucks. At this time of night when I was in my 20's I would still be trying to kill time before going out for the night. And now? At 46 I'm thinking of giving my kids their goodnight call, flipping out the light and sleeping.


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Kerry said...

That is a very typical Friday night here during the school year. Wendy is usually out by 9pm after teaching all week.