Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Beginning - Again

The clothes are bought. The backpacks and lunchboxes are in place. The school supplies have been purchased. New shoes wait to be worn and new clothes are in drawers and closets.

Clothes for Kaylen was challenging this year - as clothes always are for her so... knowing her clothing issues as well as I do, I took her to the second hand store, Once Upon a Child. She and I pulled about 60 items of clothing to try on. She selected 15 that she thought would do. (Shirts, soft stretch pants, skirts and dresses. Thank goodness in amongst it all, she didn't ask for cupless bras. I'm so not ready for that. Ok - really? Is any parent EVER ready for that bit of knowledge about their child? :)) The items she selected have the HUGE advantage of being pre-worn so they are as soft as they are going to get. She knows exactly what she is getting. And bonus - it didn't break the budget. :)

Dakota picked up things for Kelton. A few new shirts and pants. Shoes.

It's a time for starting over.

The leaves have already started to fall from trees. The neighbors yard, always the first to need it, needs to be raked already.

September is imminent. For me, September is more like New Years than January. Everything starts over. Everything is new.

Buckle your seat belt because here we go.

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Kerry said...

Conlan has the same issues with clothes. I have bought many of his jeans and shorts through ebay because as he puts it they are already broken in! Hope this school year is much calmer in the beginning than last.