Monday, May 02, 2011

The Weekend - part one

If you live in my area, then you are all too aware that we had a taste of summer this weekend. And if you live in my body, you know that the sunscreen should have been brought out of the cabinet. Ouch!

Let's just say that when you are a pasty white girl like me, sunscreen and shade are a must on sunny days. But, if you are a Pacific Northwesterner, then you know that when the sun shines, you don't waste a single second. You get out there and try to get the moss growing on you to dry up and flake off.

I kid you not. The moss on everything is thick and bouncy from our overly wet winter and a warm, sunny day was greatly appreciated.

Saturday was a nice day so we all were outside for a while in the morning and again in the late afternoon. The middle of the day found Stephanie, her mom, the kids and I sitting in a theater watching Hoodwinked Too. A very fun movie, in case you are wondering. Neither Kaylen nor I were looking forward to it but we both ended up enjoying it.

That evening, we hung out in the front yard and had a great time. The kids rolled down the lawn and giggled ridiculously hard and then Kelton remembered something that kids had done to us last year. One kid stands on one side of the street and another kid is directly across. They pretend they are holding a rope and tugging it across the road. Drivers, not knowing if they are going to run into something, slow down as they pass. The kids would bust up laughing...and so would the drivers and passengers. The kids received thumbs up and laughter from every person who fell prey to their prank. They were in seventh heaven and the moms laughed and laughed.

I love the simple fun with kids. I'm searching for ways to have more simple fun like rolling down hills and tossing shoes into trees only to toss more shoes up to free the stuck ones. Who says you need fancy things like english horse tack or the like to have a good time? More and more I am finding it is just the simple play the way I used to play as a child which brings the kids the most joy.

It was a great day and we all fell into bed happy and tired.

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