Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kelton's Music Show

Tonight was a big night around our house. It was Kelton's music show at school and he has been working hard learning the songs for the past 8 weeks. There was no way I was going to miss his big night even though it would be my first outing since my surgery last week.

I took it easy all day - even falling asleep twice throughout the day. Once for an hour and then this afternoon I crashed hard for two hours. Both times were "accidental naps" which usually means my body really needed to shut down for a while.

I did manage to run and unload the dishwasher and also did two loads of laundry but that was the sum total of my "activities" for the day. Stephanie dropped by for a few minutes (which was waaaay too short!) this afternoon and brought by a couple needed grocery items (chocolate milk for Kaylen and Pepto Bismol for the puking dog).

When the kids arrived home, I took care of them and then settled on the couch to wait for Dakota to arrive to take over. Once she did, we all had dinner and then when grandma arrived, we headed over to the school. Please note: for the first day since surgery, I was pain pill free all day so I could be alert for the music show.

As it turned out, I should have taken pre workout supplements before leaving for the school. The parking lot was packed full so we ended up parking on a side street and walking over. Ummm........OUCH! Yeah...I was hurting. Sitting on the hard metal chairs? Not all that fun either. BUT...I was alert for my son's big event. That made it all worth it.

Kelton was so happy and so proud and I will admit that I had a big ol' happy tear slide out of my eye and down my check. My children make me so happy and I am so blessed to have them in my life. It's moments like tonight that make everything worth it. Everything.

After the show we went to McDonalds for our usual "celebration snack". The kids got the new frozen strawberry lemonade and french fries (usually it's milkshakes and french fies but they shook it up a bit tonight). We came home, said goodbye to grandma and I retreated to my room while Dakota spent time with the kids and got them settled for bed.

It was a nice evening but let me tell you, I was happy to have pain meds waiting for me at the end of it.

Kelton playing the trombone during one of the songs. (No, not really but it looked really cool!)
Isn't he amazingly handsome? :)

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