Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am 5 days post-op and I have to tell you, today is the first day have felt the smallest glimmer of being who I was six or seven days ago. Who knew a day surgery would take so much out of a person?

After checking in Thursday morning, I was informed that my surgery was moved up an hour so things moved quickly. Everyone was in and out of my room and my head was spinning just a bit. The anesthesiologist came in and she decided that a general was the route we should take instead of Versed (a lighter sleep) because of my allergies.


We all know general is harder to come back from. That wasn't in my game plan but then - what was? Was the car accident and the flare up that followed? Was the bad pap or the failed office biopsy? Nope. Clearly my game plan is a joke in the bigger scheme of things.

I wrapped my head around it quickly and off we went. Stephanie and I were complimented on how easy going we were and how much fun it was to have us as their first surgery family for the day. I can go one of two way in these types of situations; I can find the humor and roll with it or I can withdraw and stay in my shell. The staff were amazing and it was easy for my humor to come to play. I'm glad, too. It made it all the easier for all of us.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. Sure, there were no fruit baskets Sharis Berries waiting for me but there was a shot of the good drugs to help bring the pain down. Maybe the fruit basket would follow. :)

I was moved back to my room where Stephanie was brought back in to hang out until my pain level was in the "acceptable" range of 0-2 and after I had eaten crackers, drank water and gone to the bathroom.

The doctor talked with Stephanie in the waiting room and told her what took place and she came into my recovery room and talked with me. She started it with "I doubt you will remember I was here so I've already talked with Stephanie and....."

They did the D&C and also removed a large polyp which she feels may be the reason for the hyperplasia cells on my pap. She sent everything to pathology but she feels confident that not that it's out, everything should be fine. If not, a hysterectomy will take care of it. One step at a time...and we will know for sure at my post-op.

Meanwhile, I am to take it easy and get back to life as my energy level and pain allows. The pain for the first three days was intense but yesterday I managed to get through the day with one pain pill and today? So far I haven't taken anything.

I like being more clear headed even if I am exhausted beyond all reason.

Stephanie stayed from Wednesday night to yesterday but then needed to get back to her life. The kids and I did fine on our own last night but I did go to bed at the same time they did and we all slept until 7am this morning. I got up, showered, dressed and go them out the door for school. I had a couple things I wanted to get done today but about 15 minutes after the bus left, I was drawn back to my bed.

And here I am.

Step by step. That's all I can do right now. Tomorrow I head back to PT for the accident injuries though at this point, I'd be hard pressed to tell which which pain is from which incident. My whole body hurts with a few areas way more sore than others.

But it won't always be like this and soon enough, I will be back to the daily grind of my life.

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