Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Insurance and Pain

So.....I have been spending quality time with insurance companies the past few days. I have to say, it's going very well but it is still a lot of time as I talk with both my company and the other company.

The claims adjuster came out yesterday to look at my car. It isn't bad but it needs a bit of repair. The other company is picking up the tab plus a rental care for me.

As luck would have it (my luck, that is), I need a bit of tweeking as well. My sore areas seemed to have gone viral in the past 24 hours so it was off to the doctor I went. I hate to go to the doctor and feel guilty but last night the pain in my mid-back was intense (it's the hub of the syrinx) and wasn't being helped by Mortin and my arms kept falling asleep no matter what position they were in. Not good. Symptoms that are hallmark of my syrinx.

The diagnosis? The jolt, small though it may have been, seems to have triggered a flare up of my symptoms of the syringomyelia. Yeah. I kinda figured that out last night - well, probably Satuday if I were to be really honest with you. Damn.

I am being referred to physical therapy but they are needing to do research into my condition to know best how to treat the pain and muscle knots and nerve stuff. I was also given a shot of an anti-inflammatory (which really helped) as well as a few days of muscle relaxers.

I'm glad it's all covered by the insurance and I don't have to do anything that requires complex thinking like I would need to use to figure out Medicare part D plans. My head is definitely NOT in the game right now.

With my upcoming surgery, this is seriously one of the last things I wanted to have to deal with. But deal with it all I must. At least the insurance companies are making it easy for me. But still - I have guilt that I even needed to go to the doctor. I can't tell you for sure that I wouldn't have had a flare up if it weren't for the accident. I can't tell you that I would have. Did I have this kind of pain before Friday? No. Ergo: probably caused by the jolt. That's all anyone can really guess. And yet - I feel bad for being in pain. *sigh*

Just another ball to add to my very busy juggling act. *sigh*

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Tanya said...

Casey, guilt is my middle name too, but in this instance why is there any reason to feel guilty? You're very lucky she had insurance or you might be in a different position financially. Would you feel guilty then? This is minor. Do NOT feel guilty. You did nothing wrong.