Monday, May 23, 2011

Tripping Down Memory Lane

I'm having a surreal moment.

VHS tapes.

No, it's true. VHS tapes.

I know you thought those were a thing in the past and for what it is worth, I did as well however tonight I heard Kaylen rustling around in the hall closet and then a little voice comes up behind me and says "Mom? Can I watch this in your room?"

She hands me a Barney Goes to the Zoo VHS tape.


It doesn't seem that long ago that VHS tapes were a regular part of my life. Most of the kids shows that I had were on tapes (carry-overs for Kelton and most I had gotten as hand-me-downs from neighbors or at garage sales) but as time went on through Kaylen's younger years, we moved into the land of DVD's (nope - I'm not cool enough to have a Blu Ray player. Those are reserved for people with, you know, disposable income. Hee hee.)

Anyhoo.......yes, VHS tapes. I have some. They are in a basket in the coat closet. We don't have many because I purged most of them the last go around since no one was watching them anymore but I held on to a handful of the ones that bring me happy memories. I even *gasp* have a my know, so that no one would really ever guess I still have an archaic piece of technology.

Barney. What a throwback for me. Kaylen used to be addicted to Barney. As in - his voice could be heard in the house almost all day long, day in and day out. I know a lot of people don't enjoy the purple guy but honestly? Both my kids loved him in their younger years and therefore, I have a very fond place in my heart for him. And I always will. Scoff away. I'm tough, I can take it. :)

I was thinking, just the other day, how much the kids have evolved in their TV viewing. It's no longer Blue's Clues, The Wiggles, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Angelina, Backyardigan, etc. and you know what? I miss it. I miss the innocence of it all. I miss them being so young.

Tonight Kelton and I discussed the tornado in Joplin, MO. I'm not ready for that. I'm ready to curl up and watch Hi-5 and giggle at some other preschool show with him.

Before I know it I will be helping them look into colleges, search for their first apartments or *deep breath* raleigh wedding photographers (you know, if I lived in North Carolina, which I don't). Then it will be marriage and babies and maybe, if I am very lucky, I will have grandchildren who will curl up on my lap and watch preschool shows with me. How did I get there? Barney VHS tapes to grandchildren all in the space of a blog post. No no no. I must slow time down. I must keep them little for as long as possible.

So go ahead, little one, dig in the closet and find more things from our shared past 6 years and let's cuddle up and watch them together. And I will hold onto the VCR for as long as it holds up. The Blu Ray player can wait. My babies can't.


Catrina said...

Hey, I have 2 VCRs in ny garage. If that one breaks, I have a few spares for ya! :)

Catrina said...
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Tanya said...

We still have a VCR too. :) What shows do the kids like now?