Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Training Wheels are Off!

And I mean that literally!

This afternoon I was privileged enough to witness another milestone in my children's lives: the removal of their training wheels. Both kids on the same day. It was a once in a lifetime moment as I took the handy dandy tool, loosened and then removed the lug nuts that held the wheels in place. In just seconds, the training wheels, that had held them both steady and stable for years, were off. I stood there for a quick second and took it in; my babies were about to take off on their own. For better or for worse we stood on the edge of new found freedom.

I helped Kelton onto his bike, steadied him, held on for a few seconds as he got his balance and then....I let go. Off he went! He has developed really good balance lately because last year? Last year I would have told you that he would be 12 before those training wheels came off....that is, if he would ever agree to ride his bike again. But he has become good friends with his scooter and because of it, has gained the ability to steady himself. He rode down the block, got off, turned around, got back on and worked hard to get himself going again. It took a couple times but he figured it out pretty well.

Kaylen was next. Last year she was so close to wanting them off but then backed out, preferring the safety of four wheels to the uncertainty of two. I steadied her but she quickly leaned sideways over and over again. Finally, after falling a few times, she succeeded!

Both my kids - riding two wheelers for the first time. It was a milestone doubled in joy.

Dakota arrived a bit later to spend a few hours with kids but was a bit wound up from her day to really appreciate the excitement at the moment. Later, when the three of them had time to settle in, she was able to fully enjoy the experience and the kids were able to get another bit of practice in on their new skills.

Today was a moment in time I will never, ever forget and one that I am so grateful to have had with my babies.

My kids......two wheeler riding dynamos!

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Shannon said...

That`s amazing! This post brought tears to my eyes.