Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Growing Up So Quickly

The kids are growing up so quickly. Kelton has his first pair of Vans and Kaylen pined away, and then got, her first pair or Twinkle Toe Sketchers. Kelton is all about looking "tough" these days and has started mimicking the look of some of the "tough kids" at school. I am doing what I can to encourage this within the realm of not looking like a thug. :)

Where has the time gone? Seems like not that long ago I was looking at baby keepsake kits to memorialize their tiny hand prints or feet prints. And now? Now they are straining against my desire to keep them little for their desire to be big kids.

Like it or not, they are growing up. But oh how I love the people they are growing up to be!

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Lielanie said...

This is a perfect post. I can see a scrapbook page of this post with photos of the kiddos in their "cool" new shoes.. of course when you are feeling up to it (no need to rush, that is what I love about photos, you can put them off until later!)