Monday, May 09, 2011

This Week

This week is a tough one emotionally. To kick it off, there was Mother's Day which I handled in stride until evening. The kids were with Dakota for the weekend so that was hard but the hardest part was remembering years gone by. When I lived near my family, and the older generations were alive, we all got together on Mother's Day to exchange cards. I had my first Mother's Day with my family.

The years that followed, Dakota and I would host a brunch. Her mom and step-dad would come and her sisters would drop in as time allowed. It was nice. But then - things changed and last year it was just the kids and me. This year, it was just Stephanie and I. We both missed our kiddos.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday. If I remember correctly, he is turning 73. I sent him a card but passed on finding cigars on sale to send as a gift. :)

The day after that marks the 4th anniversary of my mom's passing. The day after that is my surgery. And Friday? Who knows what fun that will bring. Hopefully there will be plenty of sleep in my day.

I'm feeling a bit frazzled. I have a lot to do and now I have physical therapy appointments to work around everything. I went today and then they want to see me tomorrow and Wednesday and then next week Wed, Thurs, and Fri. Hopefully I will be up to going next Wednesday though if I'm not, all I can to do is call and let them know.

For now though, the kids are in bed and I'm ready to take a muscle relaxer and head into dreamland. It would be great to get some good rest though when the house full of pets that I have, I'm not holding my breath.

Good night ya'll.

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