Friday, May 20, 2011

Grow Baby, Grow

Kaylen is my little gardener. She has a knack for growing flowers like you wouldn't believe. She started around age two and seriously? It's kind of freaky. :)

The first year she was obsessed with marigolds, thanks to an episode of Max and Ruby that she had seen. I went and bought her already blooming marigolds plus seeds so that she could plant her own. At the end of the summer the store bought flowers were about the same size as when we bought them. They were healthy enough but not spectacular....well, not when you compared them with the ones that Kaylen grew from seed.

She planted those little seeds, watered them daily, talked with them, had her picture taken with them and just out and out loved them with all her might. And those flowers responded! They were huge and beautiful and amazing. We had so many that we transplanted several bunches into pots and gave them as gifts. I have never in my life seen marigolds like those.

I saved the seeds from the wilted flowers and she planted them the next year. Again, amazing. And the year after that, too. The girl has a gift.

Today I went out and bought a few flowers and fresh soil for the pots I have out front. I did some of the work before Kaylen arrived home from school but I saved some for her. And then she planted tomato seeds and then.....yep, you guessed it. Marigolds. Using seeds from last years flowers, Kaylen and I planted the seeds in the new soil (I bought the soil with Miracle-Gro in it. It is kinda like human growth hormone but for plants.). I cannot wait for them to start sprouting!

I have enough soil to redo a couple of the planters in the backyard too and you can bet that my gardener girl and I will be planting even more marigolds! I will never, ever, ever be able to look at a marigold without thinking of Kaylen. It is definitely her flower!

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