Sunday, May 01, 2011

Big News Night

The news is everywhere. Bin Laden has been killed. It is on every television station tonight and to be honest? Right about now I'm wishing there was something as mindless and non-chaos creating as an infomercial about ab cuts reviews.

The stress I have goes up with every minute that passes - and every click of the channel changer. The news is everywhere. My Facebook newsfeed is overflowing. Some people thrilled by the news others, like me, apprehensive. What does it mean? In the long run what does this mean?

He was not the ONLY one involved in the horror of 9-11. Having him dead isn't going to change the terror happening all over the world and has the very real possibility to increase terror activity for a while.

So what does this all mean?

I can't celebrate. I am relieved, of course, but I can't celebrate. First and foremost, celebrating the death of any human being going against my moral fiber. I will not celebrate his murder. Am I relieved he is gone and cannot further fuel terror from his seat of power? YES! But I am not blind enough to think that this is the end of anything.

I just hope and pray it doesn't fuel more terror on US soil. Or anywhere. But again, I am not blind enough to think my hope and prayer is enough to keep us all safe.

God bless us all. No one knows what this historic event will bring.

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Tanya said...

I see no reason to celebrate either. My friend is in the military and all she has said is that she had been working on this issue all day but it was classified and that security is heightened nationwide. Oh and she wishes she was with the unit...